1. elmediat

    Fascinating images. There is always something to see & think about when visiting your blog Ashley.
    Sorry, I am behind on visits; I’ve been trying to stay active, physically & mentally – sleep apnea mask regime has proved a greater challenge then I anticipated. I am one of those exceptions, who does not find quick relief – there was a snow storm in Calgary, the remains reached our part of Ontario in the form of heavy rain and cold weather ( 6 degrees Celsius at night). Your image reminded me of both inner and outer environments. 🙂
    I heard about this amazing thing called summer. Put in an order with the drugstore, should arrive next June. 😀

  2. Claude

    It has a lot of depth and movement on the left side. But it has a foot solidly planted on the right side. A little bit like “J’y suis. J’y reste.” (Here I am. Here I stay.) Maybe a premonition of all the activities needed to finally settle somewhere else.
    I love it!

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