My Roots

My Roots (2014) Ashley Lily Scarlett

My Roots (2014)
Ashley Lily Scarlett


Another assignment set by the lovely Malin. You can see the other participants on her blog.

This one was difficult for me.

I kept looking at various roots and felt no resonance, telling myself it was because of having been up-rooted when I was 14 in 1974 and unwillingly whisked away from England to Australia. I didn’t transplant very well. I’m not a very grounded person either.

Finally I decided I needed to find a Moreton Bay Fig tree and suddenly I came across one close to my new home. They are remarkable for their roots, these trees: there are the aerial ones hanging down as in my image but also huge buttress ones. It’s the aerial ones that I relate to.

And I think if I think for longer I would find some roots inside me that don’t involve plant life nor geography.


What do you think?

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