1. sheldonk2014

    The train thing is really cool at least that’s what I’m seeing , stop action is great,timing is everything.I like how you did it in color the depth of the train going so fast was magnified. Great work.Keep them coming

  2. sheldonk2014

    To me all these photos are related in some way .They tell a story from a train moving fast to the silliness of mother and father to time then a hand touching frozen glass to me it’s a story.

    • Ashley Lily Scarlett

      The title was meant to make you wonder… and you did.
      If I had my way, all colours would be muted so I don’t get sensory overload. Well, not all colours but when so much other sensory stuff is going on: noise, smells, etc it would be easier for me. 🙂

  3. elmediat

    Great composition.
    If I had my way it wouldn’t be September yet, let alone October. That time train just speeds along. 😀

  4. Claude

    If I had my way, I would try to stop the train and get in. Such a long time since I’ve been somewhere else than Toronto.

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