• Ashley Lily Scarlett

          I like tending plants. It’s grounding for me and they are so appreciative. I’d like to try some herbs too but if I remember correctly they tend to prefer full sun; I’ll have to check.
          Claude, it was tending plants on a balcony garden many years ago that put me in touch with what you would call God and what I call The Universal Spirit. 🙂

          • Claude

            Yes! Most herbs need the sun. The sun would move every two hours on my balcony. And my plants would follow the sun. With my loving help, of course. I wrote a Herbal Diary at that time. And to be near nature does deepen our spiritual connection with the universe. I’m sure that the Spirit does not mind whatever we decide to call it. It even accepts the name of God. 🙂 Just to acknowledge its existence is quite sufficient.

            Looking forward to your flowering photos. 🙂

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