1. 63mago

    may sound pretty arrogant, but I read & knew, the connection was “clicked” there. The whole fillum is damn scary after all these years, Kubrick really hit some notes.

    I stay away from this. All of this.

  2. elmediat

    Excellent composition.

    You have actually captured a coded message – it should be read as “re-drum”. The correct response is red eye which becomes ” re -dye – ellipse ” . These road code messages are paving the way to the future. 😀

    • Ashley Lily Scarlett

      The cinematography is beautiful (yes, beautiful) and the imagery exciting, but I have to admit that a lot of it makes no sense to me which is why when I first saw it, back when it was first released, I didn’t like it one bit.

    • Ashley Lily Scarlett

      No way! I’m staying put!
      This is about three feet into a lane off the street where I live. It’s a very long street and passes through two suburbs. Just before I moved in, a man was stabbed to death in the street by the daughter of an ex-premier of NSW. I asked the housing commission liaison fellow if I was being offered his flat. But thankfully no, and the murder happened in the other suburb. It gave me pause for thought but well, murders happen anywhere/everywhere. I feel safe.

  3. Alexandra

    what a great find…!! love the diagonals and the textures…
    went through the comments, now ima googling Redrum… (blush)….
    haven’t read Shining… ah, well… have a great w/e, Ashley 🙂

  4. msmonsterful

    My husband is a big fan of Stephen King. At his suggestion I read the entire “Dark Tower” series and fell in love with it. The first line in the first book (The Gunslinger) is, “The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.” With an opening like that, you know you’re in for a great read. 🙂

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