• Ashley Lily Scarlett

      Haha! She has beautiful bright yellow eyes.
      I had been thinking about maybe having a cat companion when I moved to my own place but decided that I wouldn’t because there is no way for a cat to get in and out on their own.
      Bella was half abandoned, I saw her collar and tag in the bin outside and her food had appeared outside of the flat where she lived and down the stairs. Sometimes she was outside the building with no way of getting back in. She is so skinny. Her food bowl was often empty so a couple of days ago I filled it and hoped that she hadn’t yet run away or been adopted by someone else. When I came home she had eaten all the food and was still in the stairwell so I enticed her upstairs to just outside my door with some more food. Then just inside my door. I kept the door open, then closed it, then opened it so she would know that she wasn’t trapped. She ran out but then came back in, ate even more food, sat on the bed with me and then fell asleep on my leg! That did it. I went to the fellow who she lived with and told him she had been with me and before I could ask if he minded if she visited me sometimes, he told me I could keep her! 😀

    • Ashley Lily Scarlett

      Yes! I couldn’t bear to have another cat companion for a very long time after the death of my beloved Jack the Cat, six years ago. I was starting to think I was a one-cat-woman and I still miss him and can’t imagine that that will ever stop. But when the Universe delivers someone to you . . . 🙂

      • mrsdaffodil

        My story is very similar: my beloved Timmy died two years ago and this year we lost Murgatroyd, who was really my husband’s cat more than mine. My husband wanted to get a kitten, but I said, “No, we’re too old and cranky to have a kitten.” Well, he won this argument and I’m glad! Now we have Wolfgang (Wolfie), who is seven months old (we brought him home in May). Sorry if I already told you all this–I am rather doting.

  1. Ashley Lily Scarlett

    Oh, I’m a bit over-excited about this. A wee bit hypomanic. I just went for a fast walk but my mind’s going way too fast, all these things to do keep jumping into my mind only to be replaced with ten more. It feels ok right now but if it goes on for too long I’ll end up wired and tired – super yuck! I’ll take an extra tablet today. . .

    • Ashley Lily Scarlett

      I would have expected her to be more skittish since she’s been neglected but she seems fine. She’s eating a lot which I good because she’s too skinny but I wonder if, as my friend suggested, if that might be because she has been fed only sporadically and so is making the most of every sighting of food.

  2. John

    Reading your story of how Bella came to visit makes me think that it is one of those things in life that Is Meant To Be! Welcome Bella! I’m sure you’ll get lots of love and food!

    (And, if it makes you feel better … our vet always recommend keeping cats in. They stay healthier, and live longer lives.)

    • Ashley Lily Scarlett

      Yes, I thought that too! I wasn’t sure if I could keep her as I get’ asthma and I’m really quite allergic to her.
      At this point, I think it can be managed but I’ll have to wait and see. Some days are worse/better than others. And I keep on coming back to that ‘meant to be’ thought.
      The longer I have her with me, the more I don’t like the idea of her having to go somewhere else. She’s weaving her pussy cat magic even as she charges through my flat knocking things over. 🙂

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