• 63mago

        … ? Thirty of forty years ago in the village of my grandparents, this was in deed so, houses were open through the day. I, as a boy, could go to the farm of our neighbours and enter the house, of course following some unwritten rules, they would not have looked at me in suspicion or something like this. But it was already in those days a remnant, a relic of an older social situation / life form, caused by the special geographical situation (in the woods, over the hills, three sides impenetrable border).
        In the city we moved to in the late-Sixties this was out of the question, nobody let their door open ; entering a neighbour’s apartement was not possible without direct invitation, doors were strictly kept close. Open doors can be found in the South : When I was in Cyprus some years ago, people had their doors open ; everybody had a kind of “veranda” in front of the house and it was a part of the living room, we were invited for a coffee and a little chat, but not into the house.
        Or do you mean the doors strictly inside the house ? Perhaps as a kind of superstition, like “don’t shut out the good luck” ? No, its cold now and heating costs are high, one better closes the door of the living room towards the hallway. And to my knowledge there is no such superstition documented.
        I only met one person in my life who really locked doors of single rooms inside his house, but I think this was a result of other psychological disturbances / difficulties, he also watched “the agents outside” watching him …

    • Ashley Lily Scarlett

      Thanks, Richard, they’re my kind of colours. The new theme is the same one as on ‘strata of the self’, just set up a bit differently. I still need to fiddle with it a bit more. I changed it this time because I’ve been posting my images smaller than before so they can be seen (almost) in full without scrolling and the old font was too heavy sitting on top of them.

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