Gabba Gabba Hey!

Gabba Gabba Hey! 2013 Ashley Lily Scarlett

Gabba Gabba Hey! 2013
Ashley Lily Scarlett

My homage to this:

which is homage to this:


  1. 63mago

    Medieval monk’s mummy ? It reminds me of these dried brethren in Sicily.

    But I understand it’s an “ode to the unknown punk”. The heart is interred in the cbgb’s loo, somehwere …

      • 63mago

        Don’t know whether this is a tad too much, but i found some interviews with ladies of punk in seventies’s LA. Perhaps you like this.
        “Musealised” [does this word exist ? musealisieren, musealisiert in German] comes to mind.

        • Ashley Lily Scarlett

          Thanks for the link, Mago. I was more into the British side of it all but I remember well that it was a time when women were coming up a whole lot more at last. All women bands! Gasp!
          I looked up ‘musealisieren’ and I got ‘museumised’, not a word I’ve ever heard used or even read, but I get the idea.
          That’s the way of most things, to be mythologised and museumised, no? Memory is a strange thing.

  2. infraredrobert

    Great take on both inspirations – yes, the punk idea was great, but like all things that are seen to be money-makers, they can get corrupted…”regrets, recriminations…if you had done this, it wouldn’t have cost me that…” (the tie in to Streetcar)

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