• Ashley Lily Scarlett

      Yes, indeed. You should see Sonny and Bella together. Bella lived with a couple of small dogs before she came to live with me. She’s not scared of Sonny at all. A bit annoyed at times but definitely not scared. She mostly just sits looking at him and occasionally approaches him. He wants to play, she just looks at him and when he’s realy annoying her, her ears go down and she bats a paw at him but they don’t brawl. 🙂

    • Ashley Lily Scarlett

      Sonny is my sister’s puppy. He is very sweet and playful and chews up anything that he can get hold of. He’s deaf so there are hand signals to use with him. He’s very obedient when my sis and her husband are around but a bit less when they’re not. The Christmas tree had to come down because Sonny kept knocking it over. He’s very handsome. 🙂

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