1. Maria F.

    I admire you simply using images (although I know you also write). I tend to mix so much stuff in my blog I think I end up saying nothing. Yet here, with this one image, you are able to convey so much.

      • Mathias LK

        Yes, sadness shines through – perhaps some bitterness too. And an ambiguity, or internal struggle, between acceptance and the growing of a hard shell of rejection. That’s just how I read the picture. The duality of light and darkness of the picture works to that effect as well.

        • Ashley Lily Scarlett

          I don’t and didn’t feel bitter but I can see how you might think that: I’m a bit tight-lipped in this image.
          But definitely an internal struggle going on. Two conflicting feelings about one event. In this case both were reasonable so rather than settling on one of them, I had to accomodate them both.

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