Esther Lane #3

Esther Lane #3 (2015) Ashley Lily Scarlett

Esther Lane #3 (2015)
Ashley Lily Scarlett

Richard Guest and I have a new blog: Between Scarlett and Guest.
It’s a conversation in images. 
You can listen/look in if you like.

And the self portraits from various folk continue at my other blog: strata of the self


  1. drawandshoot

    The colours in this image are fantastic. It’s a great one, Ashley – the angles and subject matter (window bars too!) all converge together in an unsettling beauty.

  2. mrsdaffodil

    It’s a lonely looking spot, but well lit. Perhaps they don’t want getaway cars stopping there while the inmates are sprung by their friends? I’m glad you stopped to take the photo, though.

  3. elmediat

    Those tricky signpost guys – if you don’t stop, you walk into the post or the wall ! It would one colourful commotion. 🙂

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