Untitled LX

Untitled LX (2015) Ashley Lily Scarlett

Untitled LX (2015)
Ashley Lily Scarlett



  1. elmediat

    A close-up of unhappy smiley face – no doubt the rash was the cause. 😀

    You have an excellent eye for syncopated composition.

      • Jordan Dodd

        I did… I got so frustrated after only 30 mins I didn’t try again. I still have the pencils. I should try it again, I even have a giant sketch pad and everything. It never gets used, I don’t know why, I know I can draw.

        Well I lie, I do know why. Confidence, self esteem, and confidence. Well, a lack thereof to be precise

          • Jordan Dodd

            I know! My brain works in mysterious ways, its the same when I write but I actually have confidence in my writing. Whenever I write it feels like I have an audience. I know I don’t, but my mind makes it feel that way. So even writing is really difficult for me. I want to try again though, no idea what I’d draw but I must try it it again, my mum has my old pictures hanging on her walls STILL. Okay well first step in cleaning my desk so I actually have somewhere to do it. I think I’ll go do that now.

            Thanks for the nudge 🙂 I need that sort of talk to get me going sometimes…. if that makes sense

          • Ashley Lily Scarlett

            Yay! And yes it does make sense. I’ve not got a huge amount of confidence or self esteem either. I think that’s why I like to encourage people – encouragement works well on me. 🙂

          • Jordan Dodd

            Does with me too. Probably because of the way I was raised. I was fed and clothed but there was zero interest in my hobbies or passions or emotions. Mum just made sure it looked alright on the outside but on the inside it was total emotional neglect. So I never heard encouragement as a kid. Not once. Yeah that is definetely the reason why encouragement seems to have a profound effect on me. I am so un-used to it… if that makes sense

          • Jordan Dodd

            Ahh yeah that makes sense. You certainly have a creative mind, I love the way you compose your images. I’d honestly love to have one as my PC wallpaper, hell, I’d love to have one on my wall. Especially this one

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