Heatwave (2015) Ashley Lily Scarlett

Heatwave (2015)
Ashley Lily Scarlett

I had no particular thing in mind when I made this composite. I was experimenting with layers, of which there are three in this image. It wasn’t until I had finished it that I looked at it and thought: ‘Richard!’
So, this image is dedicated to my friend, Richard Guest, with whom I collaborate on our joint blog: ‘Between Scarlett and Guest’.
I am indeed being influenced by his work. As well as anything else, I seem to have developed a liking for that muted orange colour that you can see here, which reminds me of Richard’s plastic bags. I find this an interesting phenomenon: this unconscious (until now) influence. And I’m happy for it. I hope Richard is too!



  1. stockdalewolfe

    Yes, you guys are influencing each other. It’s great since you both have so much talent. I see the orange of Richard’s plastic bag, too. Keep experimenting. xxoo ellen

    • Ashley Lily Scarlett

      I do quite a lot of that, actually. And I love it when I find something in a shot that I hadn’t seen when taking it.
      The unconscious is such a powerful and interesting thing, sometimes I don’t quite understand the meaning (when there is one) of what I’ve done until later viewing. I’ve heard other people say this too, which is good, otherwise I think I might feel that I was imposing meaning where there is none. Or something. . . .

    • Ashley Lily Scarlett

      No, we haven’t met. We almost did last year when I was in England for five weeks, but I was there for my father’s funeral and I was in a very strange state of mind. I even stopped taking photographs.

  2. Richard Guest

    Oh, it’s a lovely work – thanks so much for the dedication, Ashley! It’s definitely the case that we’re influencing each other – and very interesting to see how it comes out.

      • elmediat

        This was Victoria Day weekend. Monday the temp went up to 25 degrees Celsius. Tuesday we are to have a high of 12 degrees and a low in the evening/night of -1 with the possibility of flurries.

        Alas, my moods & sleep pattern are as erratic as the weather.

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