1. elmediat

    Great use of muted colour in this composition & a fascinating mix of abstract, that combines natural and constructed material.

    I was unfamiliar with the name of the plant – had to look it up.

    According to Vietnamese myth, ghosts live in trees with white and fragrant flowers including the frangipani.

    In Hindu culture, the flower means loyalty.

    According to Mexican (Lakandon) myth the gods were born from Frangipani (Plumeria) flowers.

    In Malay folklore the scent of the frangipani is associated with a vampire, the pontianak. The plant is then called a Fangipani. 😀

    • Ashley Lily Scarlett

      There are a lot of Frangipani trees in Sydney. Most often the flowers are white with a yellow centre and they have a delightful smell. People sometimes gather the fallen flowers and put them in a little bowl of water. People being me.
      I didn’t know about all this symbolism though, so thank you, Joseph. Oh. Or are you making things up again? 😉

  2. mrsdaffodil

    Striking photo. Frangipani trees seem exotic to me–I don’t think I’ve ever seen one. Interesting symbolism, too. I always enjoy these connections.

  3. drawandshoot

    “And all of us with our closed eyes smelled the frangipani blossoms in the big rectangles of open wall, flowers so sweet they conjure up sin or heaven, depending on which way you are headed.”
    (Barbara Kingsolver, “The Poisonwood Bible”)

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