1. Son of Sharecroppers

    Yes, terrifically noir! What a great, atmospheric shot. I wish I had a fraction of your imagination.

  2. edwinlives4ever

    Late last night and the night before,
    Tommyknockers, Tommyknockers, knocking at the door.
    I want to go out, don’t know if I can,
    ’cause I’m so afraid of the Tommyknocker man.

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    • Ashley Lily Scarlett

      A bunch of apps. But I just got a new phone with a different operating system to the old one so I’m trying to find some good new ones. I had, and still have one called Photoshop Express. I use that a lot for adjusting exposure, contrast, clarity etc. I have Photoshop on my laptop but I’m intimidated by it and also impatient so I’ve never used it.
      I’ve just downloaded a mobile version of Lightroom and there’s another Photoshop app that I want to buy.
      Often I use more than one app on a single image. There was an excellent one for Windows called Fantasia Painter that I used a great deal and I’m missing it, especially for its simulated HDR.
      I have to get the old phone fixed so I might still be usingvit sometime.
      I guess it’s almost time for me to start tackling Ps proper because I’m fed up with all that jumping around apps and having to learn new ones.
      I’m a bit verbose today, aren’t I?
      Hey, I made a gif that I shall post soon. Lots of flickering. Will that be a problem for you with the epilepsy?

      • Jordan Dodd

        Heh, no it won’t bother me at all, if you go to my site there is a movie review, Enter The Void, it basically comes with a warning to people with epilepsy. I loved it. I don’t have physical seizures so its alllll good 🙂

        You mentioned one app I think where you use an app two combine two images…?

        Your creativity is amazing. I dug out my old camera the other day but have barely used it

  4. Tony Single

    I’ve just read some of your comments here, Ashley, and I have to agree that Photoshop is quite intimidating. It took me more than a year to learn what little I used of it effectively. Oy vey! 😛 I love this picture by the way. It’s the kind of image I never would have thought to take!

    • Ashley Lily Scarlett

      I still haven’t had a look at Ps yet. I’m unfortunately a bit apathetic of late.
      This is two images merged. The background is a portion of my computer screen while I was watching a movie and the hand belongs to one of my nephews.

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