• Mark Hahn

        Well I’m glad for that!!!! I guess it’s the fallout from the prevalent over-use of psycho meds and the negative impact they’re having on people around me that prompted that comment!

        • Ashley Lily Scarlett

          This is about my psych meds. One in particular, actually. Seroquel/Quetiapine. It is of enormous help to me: I don’t have hours of really nasty insomnia, I can sleep! It keeps my anxiety at bay for the most part. It also messes with one’s metabolism so that I have gained weight and will keep on doing so unless I eat considerably less than I would normally. In fact, I should be a stick by now if not for this. It also comes with the chance of diabetes and tardive dyskinesia. I also suspect that it has reduced my allergies to dogs and cats so that I can put my face into lovely soft cat fur. 🙂

          • Mark Hahn

            That’s great Ashley! I know people who have found combinations of meds that have really helped them, but I’m coming out of the really dark side with people that they’ve made much worse — one being my daughter who basically went through hell and feels she lost almost 3 years of her life. We all had given up hope and felt we just had to follow the advice of “the experts.” She has since gone through a non-drug therapy and has had a complete and clean turn around. Her mother is still on the psycho med rollercoaster and is really getting worse and worse with each iteration. Completely individual responses and the quest of finding what makes life better. Glad you found your miracle! Anxiety and depression are complete hell to live through!

            • Ashley Lily Scarlett

              Well, it’s NOT a miracle, though I’m grateful for the good it’s done me in spite of the side efffects. I’m so sorry that your daughter and her mother are also sufferers of depression, it surely is some kind of hell. I wish them and you all good things.

  1. bbylois

    there is a ‘drug’ what seems to be a miracle sometimes : the will to survive as embedded in human inner kindness ( not exposed to others and not guided by dogmas and religion)

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