Between Scarlett and Guest (My Side of the Story 6th August – 16th September 2015)

Richard Guest and I have a blog called Between Scarlett and Guest.
It’s a conversation in images.
We each reply to the last image the other has posted.
What follows (in no particular order (because I’ve set the gallery to a random display) are my responses from 6th August – 16th September 2015 .



  1. elmediat

    Excellent sequence Ashley. Your dialogue with Richard really demonstrates how the internet and social media can be used to generate totally unique art forms. Both of you individually and in partnership explore that implied space where creative expression and communication grows and evolves. 🙂

    BTW. I have gone a little crazy with some screen captures . See – Surreal Thursday: The House That Dripped Pudding (on Dark Pines Photo). 😀

  2. Malin Ellisdotter H

    Amazing work, Ashley! Promise me that you’ll never stop doing what you’re doing. Photography at its best!

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