• Ashley Lily Scarlett

      Thanks, Tony. I had that pixture of me as wallpaper because I wanted to try to get used to what I look like these days. A ‘no filter’ self portrait of me trying on glasses at the optometrist. These are the frames I chose for my first pair of multi-focals. I pick them up next week which is great because despite supergluing my current ones back together, one lens keeps falling out and I have to go scrambling about on the floor looking for it.
      Anyway, when I looked and saw my face all covered with my apps, I thought that really does tell a lot about me. Whilst hiding bits. But not that pimple. 😀

    • Ashley Lily Scarlett

      I don’t much like my face since I’ve gained a stone and a half due to one of my meds. It’s proving very difficult to lose weight because it’s a metabolic disorder rather than just increased appetite. Anyway, it looks like that’s my face for some time to come so I put it on the wallpaper so I might get used to it!. 🙂

  1. elmediat

    Our screens are expressions of ourselves. In a sense they are a functional abstract representations of our inner self. Excellent composition.

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