1. Claudia McGill

    I love this. The shards and the rocks mixed like this. You do wonder what happened and if they had an unfortunate meeting, or somehow just ended up together on the ground, partners who didn’t expect to be…

  2. Pizza Cottontail

    I used to live in a place that had a field of broken glass. It was the town’s first municipal trash dump site, but a large fire burned everything away except for the shards of glass, which just melted and resolidified into glass puddles. It was never heavily advertised, and so it was the place where teenagers went to smoke weed or have Wicca ceremonies. In the daytime, you’d find artists scavenging for melted bleach bottles or stay shards for art projects. I miss it sometimes.

    Anyway, your picture reminds me of the old glass dump. Really pretty!

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