1. elmediat

    Everybody nose where this goes……..
    “Did you ever have the feeling you wanted to go…….” The Great Schnozzola

  2. Sarah

    That right there is a deeply unsettling picture. The nose is a given, but with that dressing gown? I am disturbed.

  3. Jordan Dodd

    Wow. I really would love to be able to muck around with pics like this. You’ve told me before that you just use your phone, right? What app do you use? I’d like to find a similar alternative for Windows… Photoshop is just over my head

    • Ashley Lily Scarlett

      Yes, just my phone. Here I moved the phone rapidly up and down in front of my lap top screen while watching Bronson – damn good movie. I take many many shots and then see if there are any that I like. It was the movement that streched his nose like that. Then a bit of editing with apps on my phone. I can’t remember which one(s) I used for this. I think Snapseed was involved. I also use Photoshop Express, Pixlr, Aviary. All on my phone.
      Did you take your camera back to the shop yet?

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