• Ashley Lily Scarlett

      🙂 This one’s got green bits and it’s a different shape. I’m guessing it’s from somewhere that sells bulky things because it has that bottom rack. The hardware shop I go to has ones similar to this.

      • Claudia McGill

        I’ve seen versions like this at some grocery stores for the small-volume shopper, I guess, and maybe one who needs a big bag of pet food or water jugs or whatever for the bottom. I also really like this model too.

        Who knew shopping cards could call for a fan club, almost?

  1. Lemony (Gr)Egghead

    My eyes played a real trick on me when I first opened this. Somehow, with distorted vision, I did not see the shopping cart at first, but rather saw as though from atop a cliff and thought the white concrete in the background was foam on turbulent water (and I can still see it that way)! My brain (captured by the contrasts and lines of the image, and slow to take in the full image) was trying to make sense of the giant proportions of the wood in relation to the distance away from the “water” I thought you were. So strange what the brain creates! Anyway, either way, the image YOU captured and the one my brain sees are both fascinating. 🙂

  2. Richard Guest

    Fascinating composition – really confusing at first, but resolves itself into a kind of order/ disorder – I love it. I’d love to know why these bits of wood and where they’re going next.

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