• Claudia McGill

        Or sometimes, when they don’t. Or their mind and body don’t coordinate their exit. Time is not harsh or kind, but indifferent, and We fight it. I love this image you’ve got here. Really a strong impression on me.

          • Claudia McGill

            Yes, my mother in law, for me, and it was very hard for her and for her children. My family members have tended to keel over suddenly. I’ve put in my request for similar. Until then I’m trying to do the opposite of fade.

            • Ashley Lily Scarlett

              Recently I watched an episode of a TV series called The Brain. There was a group of nuns who had great longevity. They had agreed to their brains being dissected / investigated after their deaths. Evidence of Alzheimers were found but they had had no symptoms while they were alive. The conclusion drawn was that their brains had forged new neural pathways due to their continuing mental and physical activities. One did crosswords. One drove the others around. Etc. Cause for hope, I think. 🙂

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