Haste (2016)
Ashley Lily Scarlett

Originally posted on Hijacked Amygdala.



          • Photobooth Journal

            He he he! 😊 So now I am back here, I need to tell you something else! I got the the amygdala site but had to search under your name to find Haste there. I was determined and found it, but maybe others will not be as dogged as I/me. (I have no idea about the grammar of a sentence like that!😊) I had. A bit of an explore. It is a great site!

          • Ashley Lily Scarlett

            πŸ™‚ In this case I did mean it to be a link to the site in general.
            I gave up posting on Hijacked Amygdala (though yes, my old posts are still there) in order to spend more time on ‘strata of the self’. πŸ™‚

          • Photobooth Journal

            I understand that. I have stretched myself too thin with blogging, too. I really want to get my maternal grandfather’s story back into the public eye (he was quite famous in Melbourne in his day), so started a blog about him, and I also have a blog for all the other types of photos I either collect or have in my possession, neither of which see much action.

          • Ashley Lily Scarlett

            Hmm, I think I’ll change the link. I do most of my posting via my phone, where I am right now, but links are too fiddly to do that way so I’ll do it from my lap top later today.

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