Full of Blood

Full of Blood i (2017)
Ashley Lily Scarlett

Full of Blood ii (2017)
Ashley Lily Scarlett

And thank you to my friend and collaborator, Richard, for the title.



      • elmediat

        Wonderful portraits of Lillian Ghoulish and Gladiola Glamorous, the great dramatic and comic actresses of the Gothic Silent Film Era . Full of Blood was the only time the two worked together. Tragically, the sequel, The Terrible Event, was never completed due to the Vandals taking over the Film Industry from the Goths.

          • elmediat

            Next year in Canada ( near Canada July 1! ) Monsters , 18 & over can get legally high. Cannabis Cadaver College of Media Arts and Cinema will be opening its doors. The Lillian Ghoulish and Gladiola Glamourous Silent Vamps Wing of the Cinema Library will have a gala opening. πŸ˜€

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