Sad Girl

Sad Girl (2017)
Ashley Lily Scarlett



  1. Calmgrove

    I’m interested in reading faces, especially as I’m not very good at it! Trying to read sadness in this portrait and finding it a slight struggle as it could also at first glance be pensiveness, anxiety, irritability, curiosity or that awful phrase, a ‘resting bitch face’ (several variant phrases are available). And, yes, now I look again, sadness. Bonjour, Tristesse.

    • Ashley Lily Scarlett

      I think she looks quite ‘hard’ in this picture but I see that as a cover for vulnerability. The fact that she is partly in shadow adds further nuance for me. I feel so sorry for the child actors who get so fucked up.

  2. elmediat

    Multiple meaning – is the Sad Girl the portrait or the person who put it on the door ? Perhaps it is what you find behind the door/face.

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