Tilly (2017)
Ashley Lily Scarlett

This little beauty came to live with me and Bella but after 2 days her previous caretaker decided she wanted her back.
I’m hoping said caretaker will change her mind again.


    • Ashley Lily Scarlett

      I know. I did ask if it was definite because I didn’t want to put Tilly and Bella through the stress. I couldn’t just saw no, you can’t have her back because she’s microchipped and the previous person needs to sign her over to me.

  1. Lucy

    Oh Tilly! She’s beautiful, I wouldn’t want to have let her go, either. Hopefully the reasons she came to you in the first place will raise up again and she’ll be back. I have a similar story with my cat, although it never got as far as her coming for a couple of days the first time, it was cancelled on the day of the move, but two months later she came for good.

    • Ashley Lily Scarlett

      It may well be. Just recently I was in a park with my friend and a whole bunch of dogs that were being walked came up to us and said hello. In particular a gorgeous pitbull who got right in my face and it wasn’t scary at all, just super affectionate. I was so lovely to have them all over us. I think they know when you like animals. šŸ˜Š

      • bluebrightly

        Absolutely! My son has a pitbull, Boot, and he’s a real sweetie, always scoping people out to be sure everything is OK, worried he’ll do the wrong thing or something. They all have different personalities, and yes I’m sure many pets get a feeling for which humans are friendlier, and safer for them.

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