1. stockdalewolfe

    Another great composition. I have to be inspired by you, Ashley, for we moved from our country house to live in New York City. Suddenly my Muse (nature) is no longer except in a few portions of the city. I don’t think I can see the city as you do. But clearly there are photos everywhere.

      • stockdalewolfe

        So good to see you up to your high standards of art. Thought about you while I was gone. I will be VERY lucky if I can beauty in the city as you do. Thank you, Ashley for the vote of confidence. Take care. Hugs, Ellen

        • Ashley Lily Scarlett

          I’m not too pleased with my work lately. Iā€™m kind of bored with much of what I’ve been doing. I need to do some more experimental stuff. I also think it’s time to get actual camera but I dont know when that will happen. I had some time off, Ellen, and I’m only just getting back into shooting, blogging, and Instagram. x o x

          • stockdalewolfe

            Oh, yes, I’d love to see what you do with an actual camera! Oh, is all okay, Ashley? Hope you took time off for good reasons. I don’t even know how Instagram works. Anyhow, hope you find something good and experimental soon. I will look forward to seeing the results.xxe

            • Ashley Lily Scarlett

              Things aren’t too bad, thanks, Ellen. I’ve been mildly depressed for a few months and I can’t quite seem to shake it but I am getting better. I’m frustrated about some things in my life and most things are an effort. I don’t feel very motivated but I’ve been trying to walk most days to get that serotonin going.

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