1. Johnny Crabcakes

    Spooky, yes. Because this reminds me of the time I tried to domesticate a feral cat that hung around the used book store where I worked. He was black as night and built like a line-backer. Trapped him in a humane trap. Took him to the vet where he completely destroyed the examination room. For two months I kept him in my one bedroom apartment and this image of yours accurately portrays my entire interactions with him for that whole time.

    Eventually, I opened the back door and shooed him out with a broom.
    The alley was where he belonged.

    • Ashley Lily Scarlett

      That was kind of you to take him to the vet. And brave. I have another cat now, a little old lady with a host of problems. She’s blind amongst other things; it must be very scary for her. She bites me a lot. Really fucking hard! I just got this stuff that mimics their facial hormones and thereby soothes them. It seems to be working. Phew!

        • Ashley Lily Scarlett

          If I hadn’t taken her the previous owner was going to have her euthanized because she was mewling ‘too much’ (she doesn’t with me) and although she’s old and frail she still displays pleasure and just ain’t ready to die. My aim is to improve her quality of life before she goes. And I don’t have to pay the hefty vet bills.

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