Hello everyone,
I do appreciate your comments and I apologise for not responding.
These days I’ve been reading a lot of books, something I love and tend not to do when I’m blogging like a maniac.
I’ll answer you all soon,
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Heatwave (2015) Ashley Lily Scarlett

Heatwave (2015)
Ashley Lily Scarlett

I had no particular thing in mind when I made this composite. I was experimenting with layers, of which there are three in this image. It wasn’t until I had finished it that I looked at it and thought: ‘Richard!’
So, this image is dedicated to my friend, Richard Guest, with whom I collaborate on our joint blog: ‘Between Scarlett and Guest’.
I am indeed being influenced by his work. As well as anything else, I seem to have developed a liking for that muted orange colour that you can see here, which reminds me of Richard’s plastic bags. I find this an interesting phenomenon: this unconscious (until now) influence. And I’m happy for it. I hope Richard is too!

Creative Thresholds

Richard and I
have the privilege of having our joint project,
Between Scarlett and Guest,
featured in the current issue of the online art magazine,
Creative Thresholds.
Many thanks to Melissa for inviting us and organising it.

Care to join me in a happy dance?

So . . .

I didn’t post an image here today. I did, however, on the new blog that is a collaboration between Richard Guest and myself, Between Scarlett and Guest
We are having a conversation in pictures, image by image.

I also posted a beautiful image called ‘Hope’ by Sarah Treanor on my other blog, a collaborative project on self portraits, strata of the self.

And here’s a non-sequitur, because I have this song on the brain: