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Tilly (2017)
Ashley Lily Scarlett

This little beauty came to live with me and Bella but after 2 days her previous caretaker decided she wanted her back.
I’m hoping said caretaker will change her mind again.

My Fear is I’ll Fall in the Shower

My Fear is I’ll Fall in the Shower (2016)
Ashley Lily Scarlett

I needn’t have worried. I didn’t fall in the shower. I slipped on the wet kitchen floor (I’d just knocked over Bella’s water bowl) as I was trying to put a 5kg bag of rice in the top kitchen cupboard. I landed bang smack on my right knee and broke the patella. Hi ho. It’s not too bad. I can put weight on it but have to keep it straight so I have a fabric brace on my leg. It’s a bit sore today because, in the night, it slipped right down my leg.