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Here I go, faster and faster since sometime in the middle of yesterday.
My breathing is faster and my mind says:
Have a cigarette have a cup of coffee bring in the bookcase you found in the street and take its wheels off and put it on top of your chest of drawers but remove the dvds and books first and have you eaten yet today but who cares because I’m not hungry and there are photos to edit and posts to make and blogs to visit and comments to leave and a letter to write to Avis and where is Wolfie and when can I visit Elaine and perhaps I could paint my fingernails or make the bed and I enjoyed ’21 Grams’ last night and I need to watch it again but I haven’t read much lately and there are unfinished books and new cognitive behavioural print outs to read and act upon and online help with social phobia to try to access and well, yesterday I went to the mall without difficulty and saw my psychologist and went to the green grocers and the op shop where I found another book, a German author, and helped a lady find her doctor’s office and no I didn’t walk home after all but caught the bus and stayed up late sending emails and watching three movies and woke up at midday and went to the chemist and bought chupa chups to share and 3 tetra paks of soy milk on special at the supermarket and talked with a friend I saw who’s unhappy in his job and