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Farewell, dear Shaun

Jams! 03082011

Jams! (2011)
Ashley Lily Scarlett

My blogging friend, Shaun Downey (aka Jams O’Donnell of The Poor Mouth blog) has left this life. I would have liked to have met him in person. I found him a good man and my heart goes out to Shirley and the rest of their family.

He took photos of (amongst other things) flowers.
To me they are flower portraits and they are exceptionally beautiful. Instantly recognisable as the work of Shaun. Spectacular but gentle. I’ve always wished he would one day exhibit them.

Farewell, dear Shaun. x

(The image above is called ‘Jams!’ because I came across this naturally formed (I think) marking ages ago and when I saw it I immediately thought of him. His avatar at one point looked like a black question mark but it was infact an abstract image of one of his beloved cats, Mimi.)