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Shhh (2016) Ashley Lily Scarlett

Shhh (2016)
Ashley Lily Scarlett

So, yes, I’m taking a break.
I just posted on Between Scarlett and Guest, my project with my friend, Richard Guest.
Last week’s post on Hijacked Amygdala is here. And I’ll post this week’s tomorrow.
I’m participating in Malin Ellisdotter Hellesø’s assignment Decay that will be posted in a few days.
Then I’m being quiet until I don’t feel like being quiet anymore.
As for strata of the self, well, that ground to a halt some time ago. When I’m back that will be too. I think.

So it Goes ii

So it Goes ii (2015) Ashley Lily Scarlett

So it Goes ii (2015)
Ashley Lily Scarlett

I had a brief break from the blog I curate, strata of the self, but it’s up and running again now.
It’s full of self portraits of diverse form and style, for example: there are people in profilepeople in poems, people in videos and a whole lot more besides.
If you are the least bit interested in self portraits, I invite you to drop in and have a look.