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So . . .

I didn’t post an image here today. I did, however, on the new blog that is a collaboration between Richard Guest and myself, Between Scarlett and Guest
We are having a conversation in pictures, image by image.

I also posted a beautiful image called ‘Hope’ by Sarah Treanor on my other blog, a collaborative project on self portraits, strata of the self.

And here’s a non-sequitur, because I have this song on the brain:

Self Portrait with Hair

Self Portrait with Hair (2014) Ashley Lily Scarlett

Self Portrait with Hair (2014)
Ashley Lily Scarlett


Ok, here comes another plug for the blog about self portraits that I curate.
Here’s the definition of self portrait that I use for that blog:

“Definitions of ‘self’ abound, and clash and overlap in various fields: psychology, science, religion, philosophy. There is also some disagreement as to what a ‘self portrait’ is.
For the purposes of this blog I am using the broadest possible definition of “self portrait”: regardless of medium, a piece is a self portrait if, by its author, it is considered representative of themselves, or of a part of themselves, and/but also those images where the author considers themself a model.”

It’s called strata of the self.
And yeah, ‘selfie’ is a dirty word.