1. Andrew MacLaren-Scott

    The positioning of the exclamation marks and the squashing in of the details thereafter suggests to me that initially this message ended with the exclamation marks, and then it was decided that further clarification was required. But there certainly is not much toilet paper left there… always something to remember to check. I would have been tempted to replace the sign with another one that said “Please be aware, some person is stealing signs!!” But then I am very silly.

  2. Andrew MacLaren-Scott

    I return to ponder further what that sign is meant to achieve, other than being an “I know you’re doing it but I don’t know who you are” message. You do find interesting and thought-provoking photos in unusual places Ashley.

    • Andrew MacLaren-Scott

      …but then I suppose it is perhaps suggesting everybody brings their own, and takes it away with them too. But how do we know it is theft and not just irritable bowel syndrome eh? … Am I over-thinking on this one? A man has to think about something when the insomnia is in full flow.

    • Syncopated Eyeball

      This particular unusual place is one of the bathrooms where I live. I was hoping to be moving within a few months but now I suspect it will be longer. One person (the author of the note) puts the toilet paper in the bathrooms and if it runs out before the landlord makes his regular delivery, we have to do without or get our own.

  3. elmediat

    The sign maker is trying to flush out the perpetrator. Unless he is the perpetrator, in which case, he is diverting suspicion by taking on the role. 😀

    • Syncopated Eyeball

      Actually, at least one person in this nightmare house has done that – divert suspicion in that way. I thought I’d be out of here soon but it could be a wait of another one to two years. 😦

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