1. John

    You are far too brilliant … I’m amazed, awed, (even a wee bit jealous) of how you make such beautiful compositions, such beautiful art out of the most ordinary things … XO

  2. 63mago

    The wall as vellum. In old houses one can go through the different strata of paint or plasters. And according to what is left of other decorations (on the ceiling perhaps), what other parts are left (windows ? doors ? fittings ?) one has to deceide what historical situation should be recreated. A recreation it is in any case, but when putting all the effort in, it should be at least the correct colour, the right design. Wonder whether some day someone will look at all the walls that were sprayed on, painted over, again & again.

    • Ashley Lily Scarlett

      Yes, all those layers are interesting. Caution is required when removing some of those layers due to the lead previously used in paints.
      Recently someone told me that on a wall he was preparing, there were 32 layers of paint. I wish I could have photographed that at various stages of unveiling.

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